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Hi! We are Essential Design, a creative design and web development company.

We want you to stand out, so do not hesitate to contact us, we are just an e-mail away from you.

reputation management

We are experts in helping you to develop, enhance, project and then protect your reputation. This takes in all the marketing disciplines including design, marketing, public relations and online solutions. We provide experts to help you manage the reputation of your company in all market sectors.


If you are looking for a different approach to get you noticed we have the skills to take your vision and develop it into a visual message that will represent your company, your services or your products to your customers. Our design experts have many years experience in developing brands and campaigns to get companies noticed.

the ā€˜eā€™ solution

Online interactions are key, whether its with your existing customers, potential customers or your industry. Today online is the key to developing new markets and connecting with existing ones. We have experience in all forms of e-marketing and website development and can help you to achieve and surpass your online goals.

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